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Customer oriented shoe services in Rochester

When Sofia Shoe Repair Services first opened its doors 72 years ago, there was a shoe repair shop on every corner. Today? Not so much. Still, that doesn't mean we're the only game in town. You do have several choices among shoe repair and reconditioning services in the Rochester, New York area. Why should you choose us? Read on, or call or stop by our shop!

Yes, it is all about you!

Your "old faithful" wingtips have served you well for years, so why did the sole have to give out just days before the party you were planning to wear them to? Sofia Shoe Repair Services understands. We are a customer-oriented shoe services specialist who will listen to your particular needs and do everything in our power to make sure they are not only met, but exceeded with high quality shoe repair and service! 
Shoe services in Rochester

Local roots, world of difference

Sofia Shoe Repair Services is owned and operated by longtime Rochester, New York residents. That means we know what you're up against when it comes to keeping your shoes looking good through all kinds of weather. We can re-condition leather that has dried out, and we carry a full line of products for waterproofing shoes. 

If the shoe fits, or even if it doesn't

You've found the perfect pair of shoes to go with a formal outfit or business suit. They just need a little help in order to stay comfortable on your feet. Orthotics may be the solution you're looking for. Stop by Sofia Shoe Repair Services today for a computerized orthotic fitting and walk away happier!

"My shoes never looked so good!" - Mayree B., Facebook

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