Shoe dyeing in Rochester

There are certain times in life when having your shoes match your outfit perfectly is an absolute must. Bridesmaids, prom-goers, we're talking to you! Sofia Shoe Repair Services can dye your shoes in virtually any color of the rainbow for a reasonable price. Come visit us, and you'll see why we've been the go-to shoe dyeing professionals of the very particular since 1945.

A color for all occasions

When you heard your best friend was getting married, you said, "Yay!" When you heard that she wanted you to be a bridesmaid in a beautiful shade of tangerine, you said, "Really?" Sofia Shoe Repair Services says, "Come on down!" Bring us a swatch of the color you desire for your shoes, and we'll match it to your dress perfectly. 
Shoe services in Rochester

Make a fashion statement for pennies on the dollar

Being in sync with the latest trends in fashion is high priority for you. If only the "it" colors didn't fluctuate so widely from year to year! At least your shoes can always be in lockstep with the latest "color du jour" with the help of Sofia Shoe Repair Services. Our shoe dyeing services will save you time, hassle and a ton of money.

Make old shoes look new again

When you find a pair of shoes that fit you you perfectly and stand up to all the punishment you can dish out, naturally, you want to hold on to them. If the color has faded, or is blatantly out of style, bring them to Sofia Shoe Repair Services in Rochester, New York for a fresh splash of color. Only you will know they aren't new shoes!

"This is the place to fix your old, beloved dogs!" - Rob G., Yelp

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