Shoe waterproofing products in Rochester

Rain, snow, sleet and hail - they're hard on you, but even harder on your shoes. Fortunately, you don't have to make a line item in your household budget for replacing your shoes every season. Sofia Shoe Repair Services carries a variety of waterproofing products to protect your shoes from the elements year after year. Visit our shop in Rochester, New York for a shoe care consultation.

Polish and shine

Whether you're going to a black tie affair for Christmas or to your CEO's corner office for a sales briefing, it's absolutely essential that your shoes shine like a mirror. Sofia Shoe Repair Services can hook you up with polishes and leather cleaners to help your shoes make the right impression. We're open Saturdays for your convenience!
Shoe polish brush and shiner

The water is fine 

Oil and water don't mix. Leather and water aren't exactly good friends, either. If you've paid good money for shoes made of real leather, make sure they are ready to repel the moisture they'll inevitably encounter on the streets of Rochester, New York. Sofia Shoe Repair Services carries a full line of waterproofing products for all types of shoes.

Hot on your heels

Do the heels of your shoes always wear down on one side? Do you suffer from heel pain, or have you recently sustained an injury to your ankle or foot? You're probably a good candidate for orthotics. Stop by Sofia Shoe Repair Services for a computerized orthotics fitting and let us be your one-stop orthotics shop.

"I will definitely go back!" - Chris L., Yelp

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